Jalesar Road, Agra, U.P
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In the presence of favorable conditions the seed germinates to produce a seedling and later on grows in to a new baby plant; “likewise, one was growing in the mind of Late Shri Gopichand Agrawal, resident of Agra, an eminent social worker who dedicated his life for the benevolence of mankind. Selfless service had born his motto. He was a man of vision & the source behind & start an educational institution to fulfil the academic requirements of the region. On the persistent demands of the residents of Jalesar & its resounding places, and keeping in mind to provide modern qualitative & value based education, G.C.S came in to existence for providing education for upliftment of the of the children & awaken their dormant talent.

G.C.S is spread over 3 Acres of sprawling, lush green campus, It has a huge academic complex &provides modern educational facilities, well equipped science lab plus ultramodern computer facilities with multimedia Internet.

The school is to be affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, consisting of academies of high caliber, international  background & intellectual capabilities. By the dint of sincere of teachers , students, & consistent brilliant directions of the Principal, the school is a heading to archive 100% result in C.B.S.E Examination.         

He promises to impart education of international standard to meet the challenging needs of providing comprehensive quality education for holistic development of personality of the child.

The schools programme is designed to meet the individual needs of each child & to provide a firm foundation of academic skills, world habits & attitudes necessary for success in higher education. We believe that the cultural morrings of students must be nurtwed in such a  very that they develop spontaneous respect tolerance towards all nationalities, castes & creed. Due to the international nature of the school,

A deliberate effort is made to nourish & develop a global & broad viewpoint in the students. We part to cultivate the learning experience beyond the classroom by drawing on the natural & cultural resources of India. A rich offering of multi – dimensional activities aims to did in developing the individuals as a gestalt our aim is to cultivate the ground for proper blooming of talent within, preparing students to face competitive world with faith, confidence & knowledge, of course, the whole set up of educational build – up here is almost ultra – modern, moral & spiritual fiber of personality has paramount significance & is well taken care of.

We aim at encouraging initiative, enter penmanship, resourcefulness, determination, futuristic outlook & dignity & labour, various activities are included that are suited to the unfolding of specific potentiates of the child, we see to it that our students that remain confined to classroom activities only but are motivated to table. Interest in the world around them.

We’re committed to see the desired growth of your children & fulfillment of your expectations from us. Your satisfaction is our good & mission.