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G.C. Goel International School

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A library is the soul of an institution and is considered a vital part of any academic setup. Ours is a well equipped library with over 2000 books, 10 periodicals and magazines and 2 daily newspapers.


Highly qualified and trained teachers provide the stimulus for academic achievement in all disciplines and our class sizes and staffing ratio allow us to recognize each child’s unique talents, need and ambitions.


The school is equipped with the latest computer technology, desktop, printer, and internet facility are part of computer lab. This will help the students to update the knowledge in the field of science and technology. 


G.C.G.I.S students will be expected to have a very strong foundation of a value system. They will be trained in yoga, meditation and fitness programs such as aerobics, dance, and programs for physical and mental well being. 


G.C.G International School takes pride in offering a broad specturm of features like audio-visual room, all kinds of co-scholastic facilities, seminars, and workshops.

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Chairman’s Message

Shri Suresh Chand Goyal, Founder and Chairman of G.C. Goel International School is a visionary in the field of education.He has promoted school in the fond memory of his father, Late Shri Gopi Chand Agarwal who has inspired him in every walk of life.
His personal story is exemplary. A self made man. He started his career from brick industries at the tender age of 14 years. In a span of 45 years, his concentrated efforts and determination to do well in life has made him scale new heights, but success in business of cold storage was not enough for him. His heart yeaned to follow a higher dream and this school is a culmination of that dream. According to him the school have a monumental task in their hands to re-instate the soul of Indian tradition by inculcating “values” right for the grass root level.

Shri Suresh Chand Goyal, Founder and Chairman

Principal’s Message

Dear Sir
We want to do something innovation in the field of education. We are willing to perceive root change in the society and that change is possible only through change in our kids. It is very easy going while you are a Principal. Since a Principal can deal with teachers, parents and even with his number of kids. But before it, a principal himself must be a role – model for their teachers and students. Principal is an axis in school education. He must possess a good leadership quality. Individually he must be very strict and socially he should be very liberal and flexible. There should be a good mixture of supervision and administration. (At least one can say that a Principal is a conceptual concept in school education.
We are a dreamer, so our way of working and improving strategy is not traditional. It is very psycho-paying honor to present feel. “Change”. We don’t mean to hurt and break current social and ethical norms. Change is always acceptable, when we walk hand in hand with system;
What we want to change. We must give chance to understand each – other establishing random relation with. Relation means, that we are willing to be changed accordingly too. Something is there to be accepted in a very new definition. We are not satisfied with the new that does not mean We don’t agree completely with. We want to apply them in a classical way. We know that various changes were done by our educationist, but the most changes were done under effect of materialism. Here our absolute materialistic feel is only harmful, until we start to think beyond materialism, we can’t enjoy materialism in true sense. We must know to behave with our soul and body differently. And that’s only thing we want to explain our students and allow them to pass their lives accordingly, so that they might touch the zenith of great humane journey.
It’s We are.

S.P. Singh (Principal)
G.C. Goel International School

Our Philosophy of Education

Education is lame without learning so we offer our pupils:
     Physical & health Education
     Yoga Education
     Music Education
     Moral & Spiritual Education
through our curriculum.

Centered & Activity Based

Academic Restive for the Intellectual Development. All these five aspect constitute the five stepped education system for the holistic Development of the child in order to make him / her Global citizen in the long runAcademic Restive for the Intellectual Development. All these five aspect constitute the five stepped education system for the holistic Development of the child in order to make him / her Global citizen in the long run.

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